Club founded with five teams
Club size doubled
First soccer camp held in the summer
First recreational soccer league
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2013 Sentinels Academy Winter 2022 Indoor Champions
2013 Sentinels Academy Fall 2022 Champions
2013 Sentinels Fall 2022 Champions
2013 Sentinels Academy Spring 2022 Champions
2013 Sentinels Spring 2022 Champions
2011 Sentinels Sunnyvale Alliance Medina Fall Cup 2022 Champions
2010 Sentinels Winter 2022 Indoor Champions
2010 Sentinels MVLA Fall Cup Champions
2010 Sentinels California Rush Showcase 2022 Champions
2010 Sentinels Juventus Coppa de Oro 2022 Champions
Since establishment of Sentinels, 17 first place trophies for 2008 Sentinels:
2008 Sentinels 2023 State Cup Champions
2008 Sentinels 2022 San Ramon FC Summer Classic Tournament Champions
2008 Sentinels 2022 Norcal Spring Season
2007 Sentinels State Cup Premier 3 2021
2007 Sentinels Fall 2022 Champions Premier West
2007 Sentinels Spring 2021 Champions Premier West
2009 Sentinels Girls State Cup Champions 2022
17x First Place Trophies for 2008 Sentinels
27x First Place Trophies Altogether
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