Coach Nolan

Sentinels Soccer offers private training sessions several days a week. Each session is customized to your player’s needs. Coach Nolan has actively played soccer for 15 years. He has played competitive levels, semi-professional, and continues to play at the collegiate level. Coach Nolan holds all coaching certifications and has trained youth soccer players for the past 3.5 years. Please fill out the Google Form below to schedule a training.
Training Form


Striving to create strong players who react calmly and efficiently under pressure and in high intensity game moments. Every player is unique in their mentality, and this is thoughtfully considered in the development of our players during sessions.


Working towards understanding coaching expectations despite variations from different coaches. Coach Nolan works to teach players to persist and comprehend differing styles of play and expectations of every coach.


Basic fundamentals are of utmost importance, though every player is unique in their technical abilities. Coach Nolan embraces the player and their abilities, working to create the best version of themselves.


Coach Nolan bridges the gap between physical abilities and expectations, and strives to produce physically fit, balanced, and capable players.
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