Program Development

The Sentinels Soccer Club develops boys and girls ages 5 through 18 with varying soccer skill levels. The benefits include cardiovascular health, building endurance, developing coordination and agility. The club creates a team bond for socialization on and off the field. The club provides an environment to build character as young youth players.

The Sentinels Competitive Soccer Program practices all year with only a couple of short breaks during the end of year holidays and immediately after school ends.

A Path to Success

The Sentinels Coaches will work with these youth players to develop physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills to use on the soccer field. These characteristics include:


The ability to control the ball with the feet while moving around the field.


the ability to receive a pass and control the ball with the first touch.


The ability to stop the opposing team from scoring by blocking shots, catching crosses and making saves.


The ability to work effectively with teammates and communicate on the field.


The ability to accurately pass the ball to a teammate using different parts of the foot.


The ability to win the ball back from the opposing team and prevent them from scoring.

Game Awareness

Understanding the game tactics, strategies, and positioning on the field.


The ability to strike the ball with power and accuracy towards the goal.


The ability to use the head to control, pass or shoot the ball.


Having good cardiovascular fitness, agility, and endurance to play the full 90 minutes of the game.
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